what mama really wants for christmas!


Sophie Azouaou

Do you really know what most hard-working mamas want for Christmas? Time. Not just three more hours to do five extra loads of laundry. She would really love to get time back. Although we can’t put mama into the hot tub time machine, we can give her some really awesome presents that will make her look and feel many years younger!


And, the best place to get all these fabulous gifts is from Serenity MedSpa in San Francisco. The newly redesigned space by SF Premiere firm SophiSticate Interiors, owned by Sophie Azouaou is very welcoming. From the soft Low VOC green colors on the walls, the zen design, elegant furniture will enchant you and make you feel that you have arrived at the right destination.


One of the owners, Dr. Lisa Kang, is a mama herself of two adorable toddlers. Her and her brother own the spa and they just increased their services to include body treatments! Yes, you can get mama a gift for her face, as well as a little som-som to help her tighten her waist and lose those extra pounds gained throughout the year.

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Here is a list of my Top-10 Christmas gifts for mama (or for yourself!)

  1. Botox: Mama’s got some mean frown lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet? Well, not for much longer. Dr. Lisa can meet with your mama and create a plan to get rid of those pesky wrinkles that show how hard you mama has been working for you.
  1. Filler up! Nothing says Merry Christmas like injectable. If your mama has been carrying unwanted bags under her eyes, you can let her know they’re going away! And, if she needs those lips plumped, Dr. Lisa can help with that too. As a mom herself, she understands the subtle difference between beautifully rounded lips and ridiculous over-the-top injections. You can trust her!
  1. Skin Smoothing: There are a few different options Dr. Lisa has for smoothing and resurfacing mama’s skin. She can meet with your mama and discuss what would be best based on her skin type and skin issues.

Watch Dr. Lisa talk about sun damage treatments


  1. Clear Skin: If mama happens to have some damaged skin on her face, this is the treatment for her. This photofacial skin rejuvenation treats brown spots, rosacea, broken capillaries and sun damage.
  1. Cool Sculpting: Now mama’s going to LOVE this. After all that holiday food, she’ll love to get her body sculpted. And, all she has to do is lay there while they freeze the fat off.
  1. Feminine Rejuvenation: This is the one that daddy’s going to love. I’ll let Lisa do the talking with this subject. Let’s just say, it’s not called the O Shot! for nothing.
  1. Vampire facial: Yes, it sounds kinda creepy, but it is the latest technology in skin rejuvenation. It really works and mama is going to be super happy with her face by Valentine’s Day, since it take a few weeks to see the amazing benefits which include tightening of the skin, plumpness, smooth skin, and lightening of wrinkles.

You can watch me getting a vampire facial here


  1. Permanent Makeup: If mama needs more time in the morning, then give her some permanent makeup!
  1. Full Hair: If you’ve made mama pull out all her hair with the stress you’ve caused her, then get her more hair! This is a natural treatment using stem cells to regrow the hair. No, it’s not a weave!
  1. Fast Weight loss: This is one of the top-selling weight loss programs in the nation. So, if mama wants to lose a few holiday pounds (or a lot). They can put her on this diet with natural human hormones that help kick start her metabolism. Once started, her metabolism increases and mama’s pounds fall off.
  1. Thread lift: If mama’s face is sagging like an old pair of stocking, Serenity Med Spa can lift you mama’s face—which will lift her spirits!


So, instead of buying mama another present that she is going to re-gift, talk to the wonderful team at Serenity MedSpa. Together, you will find the perfect gift that mama is going to love!

I know…because my dear friend Sophie Azouaou, who is Serenity MedSpa’s fantastic interior designer, gave me the gift of time and I was able to experience the amazing benefits of Serenity Med Spa. Thank you Sophie!

Serenity MedSpa

126 Post St, 2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108




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