how my cancer scare changed my life


I have been waiting to find out if I have cervical cancer. During that waiting period, I had to take a VERY serious look at my life and the past year. In doing so, 5 statements have been resonating with me. I would like to share them with you in hopes that they might ignite you to write your own 5 Personal Pillars for 2016. If you do, please share! Oh, and I am CANCER FREE!!

5 Personal Pillars for 2016

1. Listen to Your Body

This year I had many moments that my gut told me not to do something—but I didn’t listen. In each situation I was worse off because I didn’t listen to my gut. I felt tired, but didn’t rest—and ended up very sick. So, in 2016 I will listen to my body closely and respect what it is telling me.

2. Know Your Worth

Many times this year I didn’t respect my self worth well enough to draw the line between making money and volunteering. Truth is, I’m a single mother and I deserve to be paid what I am worth.

3. Cut the Fat

This year I cut people out of my life. Doing so, saved me a lot of time that I would have been wasting trying to “make things work.” Not worth the emotional energy or frustration.

4. Be Realistic

It’s great to have high hopes, but those need to be on the wings of realistic expectation. This year I thought that I could do more than humanly possible, and I failed. In 2016, I will step back from any situation and realistically analyze it before committing to anything.

5. Let Love In

With everything I went through in the past few years, it would’ve been easy to shut down and not risk. But, I did. And doing so I met an incredible man who adores me and I adore him. It feels really good!

What mistakes and lessons did you learn in 2015 that you could turn into your personal pillars in 2016?

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