the mission of jetset mama

Teresa interviewing Sir Richard Branson

For the past 10 years I have been traveling the world solo and interview famous people along the way. I launched in 2003 and wrote FLY SOLO in 2007.

Now, my first book is in four languages and is one of the largest networks for solo women travelers in the world.

Now I am off on my new adventure as a mommy. The ride has been adventurous and I plan on taking my daughter on my trips with me. She too will be a Tango Diva!

In this website you will learn:

1. What I have uncovered about traveling as a pregnant woman and as a new mom.

2. What cool stuff I have found for other jetset mamas.

3. How to make traveling with your baby a first class experience.

4. Great locations and hotels that cater to mommies and babies.

5. Get deals on from my travel partners.

Feel free to write me, comment about my posts, and share the information with your friends.

I am here to serve!

Jetset Mama

Teresa Rodriguez


Teresa with Regis backstage


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