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My goal in life is to show my daughter the world. I believe, that as a mother, I have a fundamental responsibility to raise my daughter with a global perspective of the world. Of course, she’s still a little girl. So here I will share her daily adventures, as well as her traveling adventures.

We were walking through the park and Cassandra had her wings on. A little old lady saw her, lit up with delight and said: “Oh my! It is my lucky day, I saw an angel!” Who are the Angels in your midst?

Cassandra, “Mommy. I am not ordinary.”
“Correct, you are extraordinary.” May you have an extraordinary day.

“Mommy, look it’s smiling at you!” As I’m trying to change the toilet roll while she’s on the potty. Me: “what’s smiling at me Cassandra?” The toilet paper! You’re really lucky!”
-May we each find luck and joy and a smile somewhere we don’t expect.

June 10, 2013


Cassandra’s FIRST day at preschool

Cassandra’s Preschool Diaries: Day 1. As told by her teacher, “Well, today Cassandra was supposed to help make banana bread. Instead of pealing the banana-she ate it. Then, she tried to sneak out of class with one of the older girls. They were caught. Then at lunch, she refused to eat. Nap time she caused a scene and kept the other students up. They were not used to the disruption. But the good news is she did not wet her diaper and told us when she needed to go potty. She’s not wearing a diaper now.”

June 11, 2013

Cassandra’s Preschool Diaries: Day 2. You know you’re in trouble when the teacher says, “I’m sure that Cassandra will be behaving by Monday.” Hell, she hasn’t behaved for me–ever.


June 17 , 2013

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: Week 2. “Defiant.” That is the word of the day. Little Miss Cassandra Rose is testing her boundaries, pushing the limited, and finding her voice. Unfortunately it is not her inside voice. Would I have it any other way? Nope, she’s my baby and I love her spark. Set the world on fire, girl! (not the house or preschool, please).

June 18, 2013

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: Week 2, day 2. “Aggressive.” That is the word for today. “Cassandra gets aggressive when she does not get what she wants immediately.” OK, so I have to teach her that she can get what she wants, but it will take some work. Aggressive at 2 years old will be assertive at 20. Keep up the good work my baby – I am so proud of you!!

Jun 26,2013

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: Week 3, Day 2.
Teacher: “Her skill level of defiance is remarkable.”
Me: “What can I do about that?”
Teacher: “You can channel it into something positive or, if not managed, she is smart enough to figure out how to break all the rules.”

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: End of Week Three. Streaking. That is the word of the week. Cassandra has been quite successful at making it to the bathroom during this time of potty training. Well, While she was in the bathroom at school, she decided that it was “Naked Time” and proceeded to take off all her clothes in the bathroom, then came out running into the playroom with all the other children, laughing, and dodging the teachers as they tried to catch her bare ass.

July 11

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: Week 4. On Monday, two of Cassandra’s teachers ask for a parent-teacher conference. I felt like I was being taken into the principle’s office (which was rare, since I never got caught). So, on Wednesday, with much fear and trepidation, I met with the Director. She had a written letter for me, which included: “Cassandra is a wonderful child who is so smart and curious about the world around her. She tries to be the leader in lots of situation (yep!). BUT, she has some issues communicating with her friends (did not get that from me!), She is strong and wants everything that her friends have (OK, I own that!). Nap is a big issue. She is so tired and resist to rest her body..” (hummmm).

Amazing that a little child can be such a strong force, reminding parents of their own strengths and flaws. Shine bright, your reflection of life is brilliant!!


July 26, 2013

Cassandra Preschool Diaries: Week Six=sick. Poor baby. Cassandra has been sick this week and it has been tough on her. Fever, chills, a horrible cough, and sleepless nights. She has been home with me, playing in bed and sleeping in (her, not me). With preschool (or any environment where there are a lot of people) comes new bugs and germs. Her doctor told us to get ready for the onslaught. Her little immune system is learning how to fight. Today, she is feeling better and was dancing after dinner. I asked her if she was going to be a ballerina or Kung Fu fighter… I am sure you know what her answer was. Sweet dreams my Kung Fu and germ fighting baby girl. Mommy loves you.

July 31, 2013

Cassandra’s Preschool Diaries, Week 7: Today her class did their first recital. It was a bitter sweet experience. As you know, her father and I are not together but we share custody, so I had not seen her since Monday. I was asked to take photos of the event, so I moved up close, but when she saw me, she ran to me and would not let go. While the other kids danced and sang, Cassandra held onto me tight. Oh, my little ladybug, mommy is doing the best she can. I will never let you go, and if you want to dance – dance, but if you just want me to hold you tight, then I’ll do that. I’ll always be here for you, I promise.

August 2, 2013

Cassandra’s Preschool Diaries: End of week 7. My social butterfly loves chatting to everyone on her way to school. “HI!” She proclaims to everyone she passes on our walk. It is a delight to see busy, serious adults smile back with a child-like response. She is generous with her smiles. I hope others are inspired by her ever-present joy and share it. I know that she inspired me everyday. Shine on bright one!!

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