baby got her passport!

Easy, breezy. Getting a passport for your baby is super simple and should be mandatory. Especially for moms who encourage independence and exploration for themselves and their children. I know that the task can seem overwhelming, but it is actual quite painless if you have all the pieces you need to file. So let’s get that baby of ours a passport!

Just a few helpful items:

1. If you are planning a trip to another country. That is ANY country that is not the USA, you NEED a passport. A birth certificate WILL NOT WORK.

2. Domestic travel is different. I flew with baby CJ from Oakland to Burbank and we did not even need ID for her. I think that is a mistake, they did ask me to bring it next time, but it was not a big deal (which it should be). They did request her birth certificate and immunization card very kindly (yeah – what if I kidnapped her?!?!?)

CJ on her first flight with the great pilots at Southwest

CJ on her first flight with the great pilots at Southwest

3. You don’t need a Social Security Number for an infant. That is one thing that the Passport Office is OK about. Since Social Security Numbers are not mandatory anymore, parents don’t need to go through that process – hell, what is social security now anyway? In the section where it asks for the SS# just put “000-00-000.”  That’s it.

OK, now the simple steps to getting your child’s passport:

1. Go you your local post office and pick up a passport application. There you will find a list of all the documents you’ll need.

– Original birth certificate

– 2 passport photos

– Your passport

– Your baby’s mama’s or daddy’s passport

– A cashier’s check (the cash amount varies depending on your circumstances)

2. Fill out the application and call your local post office to make an appointment to get your documents reviewed and notarized under oath.

– Getting an appointment is very simple, just call your nearest post office and find out if they accept passport applications.

Here is a LINK with all those details.

3. Go to the post office: On the day of your appointment at the post office, show up with your bundle of joy (your baby), the baby’s passport photos, the application filled out, the original birth certificate of your child, your passport, yourself, the father/mother of your child (who is listed on the birth certificate, his/her passport, an ATM card or cash.

4. Take an oath: The postal officer will ask you to swear under oath, ask for your money and send off your baby’s passport application.

2-4 weeks later, you baby will have a passport!! it is good for 5 years. How cool is that??

Now, mama, go off and TRAVEL!

CJ's certificate of FIRST FLIGHT!!

CJ's certificate of FIRST FLIGHT!!

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