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how to reach your goals in 6 steps

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Here’s a little goal setting 101 for some Monday inspiration:

Yes mama, we all have goals. Some of us want to write the next American classic novel, other want to travel the world or start a business. No matter what your goal is, you need a road map to reach it. That is the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams are just that – dreams without actions or completion, while goals have substance, reason and hopefully a due date. Like my baby girl!

Meet mother of two Amy Mason, an incredibly inspiring woman who took her dreams and transformed them into goals. Through her success she has been able to teach hundreds around the country how to move from fantasy to reality in 6 thought-out steps. Her program, GET GOALED, was created to empower school children by uncovering their dreams, desires and goals and teaching them some simple tasks, so they can reach their goals at a young age. Amy shares, “When you start reaching goals at a young age, it sets you up for success for the rest of your life.”

Amy Mason started her athletic career at the young age of 8 years old. She went on to become an All-American at Indiana University and then ran for professionally and traveled the world on various US Teams. She met her husband, Pat, a top US pole vaulter, on the track at the US Championships in Eugene, Oregon. Now they live in Boulder, Colorado with 2 very active kids. Currently she is the West Coast Head Trainer for MBT Footwear.

How did you come up with the idea of GET GOALED?

Amy: “I was so overwhelmed with gratitude toward my career in running and making my life such an incredible adventure: the college scholarship, the world travel, the friends, the free gear and most importantly, all the intrinsic rewards of confidence, inner-strength and fulfillment.

I felt called to help others identify their own passions and to help them to apply those passions to an organized and well-thought out plan so they too could experience all of the wonderful rewards of pursuing/accomplishing a goal.

I figure life can be an amazing adventure if you fill it up with goals that incorporate your various passions, gifts, talents, etc.. Planning a goal is much like planning a trip. You choose where you want to go, you make a plan to get yourself from where you are now to the place you have chosen, you prepare and equip yourself for the trip and when the plan is all set- you’re on your way.

If we can do this for a trip, we can do this for our lives as well. Let’s not wait and see where the wind blows us in life, let’s pick out some goal destinations and make sure they are included in our journey. This is where life gets fun and meaningful.”

Can you show us how we make a road map to our goals?


“Step 1: Choosing your goal. Make sure that your goal is

  • Positive, Realistic & Specific.
  • The more specific the more you can identify how to get there.

Goal Example: Go Someplace fun vs. Costa Rica – the 2nd option is more specific, therefore we know how to start planning.

Goal Example: To be a good runner vs. to finish a 10k. The 2nd option is easier to plan for where the 1st is too vague.

Step 2: Plan out the stepping-stones between where you are at and where you want to end up

  • People can get overwhelmed or discouraged on their way to a big goal.
  • Stepping stones allow checkpoints for progress and motivation to go on.
  • Each step you accomplish lets you know you have improved/achieved and that you are progressing in the right direction.

Step 3: Reward yourself for each stepping stone

  • Make sure to reward yourself for each step you accomplish. Each step you accomplish means that your effort has resulted in progress.
  • Important to reward progress along the way, not just in the end result.

Example: Many times I would plan a fun, yummy lunch with friends right after my long run or hard workout at the end of the week.

Step 4: Figure out what commitment, sacrifices, and good choices that are going to get you towards your goal

This is a difference between a DREAM and a GOAL. If you have a GOAL, you will go out and get that goal. You have to figure out what the challenges are that you are going to have to overcome to achieve this goal.

  • Sacrifices, things you are going to have to GIVE UP in favor of this goal.
  • The commitments you are going to have to make in favor if this goal.
  • The everyday choices you are going to have to make in favor of this goal.

All the little choices you make during your day can really affect your goal. For example, if I have a big run the next day and my friends ask me out to dinner, I know that the focus is on my run and I need to stay home, hydrate and eat well – not go out with my friends and stay out too late eating and drinking.

Step 5: Motivation, Inspiration and Support

  • You really have to be mindful what you surround yourself with.
  • Put things around you that are motivational and inspirational. Put up inspiring quotes and images that help you to stay focused.
  • Focus on the people you have around your life. It is time to get rid of the toxic people that are not supporting your goal.  Surround yourself with encouraging people. Have great role models and mentors who support you and keep your goal present.
  • Write down your goal and keep track of it so you are reminded daily of you achievements.

For example, many profession athletes use their goal time (winning running time) as their passwords, so they are reminded all the time of what their goal is. It is a great way to keep their goal present in their daily life.

Step 6: After you write this all down and looked it over, that you ask yourself, “Is achieving this goal worth all the work?”

If so, then you need to write out a Contract of Perseverance. This is a contract between you and your goal. Clearly state what your goal is and when you plan on reaching it. Ideally, you will have 2-3 others sign the contact as witnesses. These friends need to be encouraging and supportive.

Then put you Contract of Perseverance somewhere prominent in your house where you will see it every day. It will be a daily reminder what you want to achieve.”

You have had an incredible 30-year career, any recommendation on how us Divas can get healthy and keep in shape?

Amy: “My biggest commitment has always been to keep my body healthy.  This was true back when I was running 80-100 miles a week and is still true today. I eat well, water is my “drink of choice” and sleep has always been a huge priority. When it comes to my structure, I’m all about prevention. For this I wear MBT Footwear. I’ve always learned the 3 things that break down your feet, knees, hips and back are: repeated shock, weak stability/core muscles and poor circulation. I was able to get through 30 years of competing without a shot or surgery by taking care of these three things. I was suffering from a long bout of plantar fasciitis and sciatica when I noticed some friends on the track circuit wearing MBT for various injuries. I got a pair and after two months of wearing them as a lifestyle shoe, was rid of any foot or back pain. I was so impressed with the physical therapy-like benefits of the shoe that I took a job with the company almost 4 years ago. I would highly recommend them as a lifestyle or walking shoe to take you on your travels or just wear around town. It’s one of those smart choices I spoke about.”

Meet Amy on location:

Sat, March 26,  Dardanos in Denver, CO 11am-5pm

Sat, April 2, The Core Grand Opening in Palo Alto, CA all day

Thurs, April 14, Eneslow Shoes in NYC (Park Ave location) All day

She is there to fit people and answer questions about using MBT to help with overall wellness as well as specific foot, knee, hip and back discomfort/pain.

To learn more about Amy, CLICK HERE

To learn more about MBT shoes, CLICK HERE

detox debauchery & pregnancy truths uncovered

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I’m starting to understand this whole pregnancy thing. So what if I have been preggers for 29 weeks already –  I am a slow learner. Here is my thought on it so far:

First Trimester (aka 3 months in hell, learning to worship the porcelain god, nonstop hangover without the party)

This is all about your body detoxing and getting ready to grow a (hopefully) beautiful baby in your womb. But the only way it can do that is by cleaning up the mess you’ve made over the past 30-something years. All those late nights, drinking, partying, staying out till the break of dawn, etc, etc, etc, you body has to clean out all that residue. The only way that will happen is by DETOXING. And so, I say, screw those theories that morning sickness is caused by  hormones – it’s cause by all the crap you put in your body over the years and now it’s all coming out. Hence the feeling that death would be better than another day of nausea and migraines. Oh, but you can still fit into your clothes.

Second Trimester (feeling good – finally, ass is getting big, along with breasts and belly, oh and forget about sexy stilettos)

Ah, the magical second trimester. The time where you almost forget that you are pregnant because you are feeling kinda normal. Well, that’s until you try on your clothes and nothing fits anymore. Yes, many moms-to-be enjoy shopping for maternity clothes. Me, I can’t think of anything worse than wasting money on clothes that I am only going to wear for 4-6 more months. No matter how much working out you do, your ass keeps getting bigger.

Third Trimester (holy cow when is this going to end? I am in so much pain and I can’t take any medication to make the pain go away!)

I’m only a week or two into my final trimester and I am exhausted. I have been sick 3 times in the last 3 months and I am actually laying in bed sick as I type. My back is killing me and my right leg goes into spasms in the middle of the night. I just want to SLEEP. But then again, I think this is God’s way of getting us ready for those midnight feedings. My brain is mush and I have no coordination anymore. Again, I think that my body is kicking out all the crap that I have eaten (not drank or smoked this time around!) in the past 6 months. Yes, I admit, I have been living large on carbs.

I really don’t believe that there are women who find pregnancy the best part of their lives. Really? hemorrhoids, constipation, migraines, and spontaneous urine leeks (to name a few symptoms).

The only book that I have read that has given a totally honest view of pregnancy is  Jenny Mccarthy’s book  Belly Laughs. Hallelujah! the woman writes about WHAT REALLY HAPPENS to your body when you let a sperm get all up in there….. thank you Jenny!

I gotta get back to my celery sticks, V8  juice and hot oat meal. This is my first full day that I have not consumed: waffles, cookies, candy, croissants, pastry, ice cream, etc in 6 months.

Wish me luck darling! I need it!

gestational diabetes

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Gosh, the only thing that I was looking forward to being knocked up was eating all the carbs I wanted. And I have to admit that for the first 6 months (minus those months that I wanted to vomit and die) I really have been enjoying the sweeter side of cuisine. Hell, I could easily polish off a bag of chocolate chip cookies, followed by ice cream any day of the week.

But that has all come to a tragic halt due to my blood work results.

I went in for my gestational diabetes test with the cocky attitude of a collegiate athlete. When taking the test, you have to fast for 8 hours (which I  did, minus the sips of apple juice that I took at night in my sleep). The nurse gave me a bottle of sweet water (which some people bitch about, but I thought was quite yummy). Then, an hour later, they drew my blood. The next day I find out that not only my blood sugar is too high, I am anemic.

Fabulous. No wonder I feel like shit.

So, from now on, I am going back to the way I used to eat – healthy salads and yummy nuts. No more brownies or cookies for this mama-to-be.

I’m bummed that I have to take the 3-hour blood test now, but it was a super big wake up call for me. No longer can I just eat whatever I want because I have a bun in the over – au contraire – I have to be even more careful. Yeah, it sucks, I was really enjoying those candy bars and cupcakes.

But if I continued on this path, bad things could happen to me and my baby girl – and I can’t let that happen.

Here is a little video that explains gestational diabetes:

YouTube Preview Image

Here is some great information from

How does having gestational diabetes affect my pregnancy and my baby?

Most women who develop diabetes during pregnancy go on to have healthy babies. Dietary changes and exercise may be enough to keep your blood sugar levels under control, though sometimes medication is needed, too.

It’s important to keep your blood sugar levels in check because poorly controlled diabetes can have serious short- and long-term consequences for you and your baby.

If your blood sugar levels are too high, too much glucose will end up in your baby’s blood. When that happens, your baby’s pancreas needs to produce more insulin to process the extra glucose. All this excess blood sugar and insulin can cause your baby to put on extra weight, particularly in the upper body.

This can lead to what’s called macrosomia. A macrosomic baby may be too large to enter the birth canal. Or the baby’s head may enter the canal but then his shoulders may get stuck. In this situation, called shoulder dystocia, your practitioner will have to use special maneuvers to deliver your baby.

Delivery can sometimes result in a fractured bone or nerve damage, both of which heal without permanent problems in nearly 99 percent of babies. (In very rare cases, the baby may suffer brain damage from lack of oxygen during this process.) What’s more, the maneuvers needed to deliver a broad-shouldered baby can lead to injuries to the vaginal area or require a large episiotomy for you.

Because of these risks, if your practitioner suspects that your baby may be overly large, she may recommend that you give birth by cesarean section. Fortunately, only a minority of women with well-controlled gestational diabetes end up with overly large babies.

In addition, babies who have excessive fat stores as a result of high maternal sugar levels during pregnancy often continue to be overweight in childhood and adulthood.

Shortly after birth, your baby may have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) because his body will still be producing extra insulin in response to your excess glucose. This is much more likely if your blood sugar levels were high during pregnancy and especially during labor.

Your delivery team will test your baby’s blood sugar at birth and continue to check it as needed by taking a drop of blood from his heel. Feeding your baby as soon as possible after birth, preferably by breastfeeding, can help prevent or correct hypoglycemia.

In severe cases of hypoglycemia, though, he’ll be given an IV glucose solution. Testing your baby’s blood sugar and providing an IV if necessary can prevent serious problems such as seizures, coma, and brain damage that might result if the condition were to go unnoticed.

Your baby may also be at higher risk for breathing problems at birth, particularly if your blood sugar levels aren’t well controlled or you deliver early (the lungs of babies whose mothers have diabetes tend to mature a bit later). The risk of newborn jaundice is increased, too.

If your blood sugar control is especially poor, your baby is at risk for polycythemia (an increase in the number of red cells in the blood) and hypocalcemia (low calcium in the blood), and your baby’s heart function could be affected as well.

Some studies have found a link between severe gestational diabetes and an increased risk of stillbirth in the last two months of pregnancy. And, finally, women with gestational diabetes are at increased risk for developing preeclampsia, particularly those who are obese before pregnancy or whose blood sugar levels are not well controlled.

forget prenatal yoga – here’s prenatal pole dancing!

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I am ready to buy this video! I love the the fact that Roxy Fedaro (Christina Applegate) makes fun of being pregnant. Although many women find joy in being with child there are a lot of side effects that no one talks about.

This video does a great job of making fun of some of the ugly aspects of pregnancy:

– Hormones

– Getting fat

– Not being able to see past your belly button

– Hemorrhoids

YouTube Preview Image

say ommm to prenatal yoga

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I went to my first prenatal yoga a few nights ago and it was great. the classes are offered through Kaiser and I was quite surprised by how good the hour and a half session was. The room was a small multipurpose room in the main hospital where other classes were being held. There were only five women in the class and the teacher was getting down and dirty with the pregnancy talk. It is funny how when you’re knocked up, people feel free to talk about vaginas and breasts. The teacher ever brought up the all-mighty penis!

I have to say that it was the first time I’ve been in a yoga class where that trifecta was discussed. We did Kegal exercises, explained by “Hold tight to a penis in your vagina.” Which I guess, the teacher assumed we all have done before…..

Well,  she was right to assume, since we all are pregnant.

If you are with child and have not started some form of exercise or are overwhelmed by it – try prenatal yoga. It is super easy and very relaxing. You’ll feel great afterward too. Check out Kaiser, it is only $10 a class and anyone can attend, you don’t have to be a Kaiser member.

Kaiser website

i now have a belly

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I’m 20 weeks pregnant and the first 19 weeks, I just looked like I ate too many pancakes. Now, there is definitely a belly bump. Belly bumps are great for those ladies who are happily married or in stable relationships with the Baby Daddy.

My situation is not that simple. I am still not divorced and that is going to take a few more months. I am really trying to avoid court because I don’t want my ex husband to see my belly. It is a cute belly and I’ve done my best to work our weekly. My breasts are HUGE. They have grown 2 cup sizes and I have already grown out of my last set of bras I just bought a month ago.

Yes, my body is changing and I am trying hard not to freak out. My back is achy and my ribs have been hurting for the past 2 weeks. I wish that women would talk about the ugly side of pregnancy – especially to those young ladies who are getting knocked-up in their teens. Gosh, what a nightmare! And to think, all they needed was a condom or birth control pills!

Things are getting tricky, I changed my health insurance coverage when I left my husband to a cheaper plan ($308 a month!) with a $1500 deductible. I did not plan to get pregnant, so I was in shock when I had to pay out $1500 for my past 4 months of tests and visits. It would have been cheaper to have stayed on my original co-pay plan. Now I just found out that my deductible is calculated Jan – Dec. not from the date that I changed over my plan. That means that I am going to have to pay another $1500 in the next few weeks.

Having a baby is not cheap. Maybe I should have thought this out a bit more……

christmas blues

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I have to confess that I do not like being pregnant. Some women rave about their glowing skin and new-found attention they get from others. As for me, my boobs have grown over 2 cup sizes and they hurt, I don’t fit in any on my clothes and I am not in a position (nor do I want to) to go out and buy maternity wear, my hormones are driving me crazy (and everyone around me), I wake up screaming from leg cramps, and I popped a rib out or something last week and it hurts like hell. Oh and I can’t enjoy my champagne.

We were going to drive 14 hours to visit my man’s family in Arizona. I just can’t do it. I can’t get in the car for that long and be comfortable. I feel bad because we planned on visiting them for weeks, but I thought that my man was going to get us airline tickets, but that did not happen. Let’s see – 2 hour flight or 14 hour car drive… hum. You gotta love a man without a plan.

Yes, this sounds like bitching and it is.

I figured that this is the safest place for me to bitch since I can’t bitch to others because most of my friends still don’t know that I am knocked up and the others think that I am the luckiest girl in the world, since I am 41 and having a healthy baby with a pretty cool man. Mind you, he is not my husband… that’s another nightmare. Nope, I am still not divorced. We had our settlement meeting on Wednesday and he wants to reconcile (he won’t when he sees my belly), oh and I owe him over $100,000. You got to love prenumps.

Perhaps in a few months I will be able to look back at this time as an incredible learning experience (I thought that going to Stanford was). And when I see my little shining star smile everything will be OK. Until then, I will try to manage my emotions, pray for grace, and be grateful that I am healthy and lucky enough to have a baby.

Thanks for listening, it really helped me. Oh, Merry Christmas.

tsa kma (that’s kiss my ass) or drink my milk

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Really? Yeah, this woman looks like she is going to blow up a plane – right after she breast feeds. As a proud member of the newly-knocked up, I had no idea the treatment that pregnant and moms of infants get at the airport. I get it, none of us like screaming kids. But for goodness sakes, what this mom went through to give you son fresh breast milk that did not go through radiation is ridiculous.

Here is the TSA’s rules on breast milk. If you are breastfeeding, I recommend that you print this out and keep it with you when you go through security. That, or show up in your maternity bra and mama panties and a mild pump. Your call.

Important Information on Traveling With Formula, Breast Milk, and Juice

Traveling With Children

Now, a mother flying without her child will be able to bring breast milk through the checkpoint, provided it is declared prior to screening.

Mother bottle-feeding baby on airplane

TSA is also modifying the rules associated with carrying breast milk through security checkpoints. Mothers flying with, and now without, their child will be permitted to bring breast milk in quantities greater than three ounces as long as it is declared for inspection at the security checkpoint.

Breast milk is in the same category as liquid medications.

When carrying formula, breast milk, or juice through the checkpoint, they will be inspected, however, you or your infant or toddler will not be asked to test or taste breast milk, formula, or juice. Our Security Officers may test liquid exemptions (exempt items more than 3 ounces) for explosives.

When traveling with your infant or toddler, in the absence of suspicious activity or items, greater than 3 ounces of baby formula, breast milk, or juice are permitted through the security checkpoint in reasonable quantities for the duration of your itinerary, if you perform the following:

  1. Separate these items from the liquids, gels, and aerosols in your quart-size and zip-top bag.
  2. Declare you have the items to one of our Security Officers at the security checkpoint.
  3. Present these items for additional inspection once reaching the X-ray. These items are subject to additional screening.

You are encouraged to travel with only as much formula, breast milk, or juice in your carry-on needed to reach your destination.

You are allowed to bring gel or liquid-filled teethers, canned, jarred, or processed baby food in your carry-on baggage and aboard your plane.

For information on creams, medicines, or other essential items for your child, please read our guidance on these items. Click here for the list of permitted and prohibited items.

Liquids and gels, including baby formula, breast milk, or juice, may be packed in your luggage and checked with your airline.

After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board aircraft.

WARNING: long trip to tropical places NOT advised

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I had to go to the British Virgin Island for a job last week and it nearly killed me. Let me explain:

RED EYE HELL: First, my client booked my ticket without knowing that I am pregnant. The flight that I ended up on was a red-eye from San Francisco to Miami, then a jaunt down to San Juan and finally the BVI. Pregnant woman should not fly on red-eye flights. We can’t take drugs to put us to sleep and it is super uncomfortable in those itty bitty economy seats. Yes, I tried to upgrade using my miles, but without paying an additional $150 and using 15,000 miles, it was not going to happen. I don’t get it. Why do we collect miles if we can never use them? Anyway, I did not sleep on the flight, and if you know anything about pregnant women – they need to SLEEP. 8 hours a day preferable. So, I was down my 8 hours before ever arriving to the BVI. Nice.

MOSQUITOES MAGNET: So, we’ve got 20% – 40% more blood running through our bodies and we are smelling super sweet to mosquitoes. BUT if you are in your first trimester YOU CANT USE DEET! Actually, I was first told that I could not use DEET any time during my pregnancy, so I went out and bought an all-natural bug repellent. The brand is Badger and it also sports a 30 SPF. BUT, it works for like 30 minutes and then you have to reapply. Not good when you are out all day long. The reviews says it’s as good as DEET. Let me tell you, as a seasoned mosquito aficionado, nothing is as good as DEET. To prove it, I am covered in over 30 bites.

JET LAG SUCKS: I am the type of traveler who can take an Ambien on my way to Europe and then be ready to go without jet lag the next day. Not anymore. With child I can’t employ my usual chemical regimen.  No sleeping pills, no DEET, no champagne en route, no Advil for headache. All I got is me and my baby – and my 30 bites. So, not only did I never get on the BVI schedule – which is 4 hour ahead of my usual Pacific Coast time – I could not sleep due to the bug bites. Fun.

SICK OF IT: Pregnant women have suppressed immune systems. What that means is that all that crappy airplane air filled with bugs can easily get you sick. And it did. The red-eye flight killed me. I did not sleep and my throat started getting sore on the flight. Two days later, I was coughing all night and spitting up green snot in the morning.

I should have stayed at home. And if you are thinking about traveling while you are pregnant, please review your flight option very carefully!! If you can pay extra for a non-stop flight – then do it! If your client is booking your travel, let them know you are with child and ask them to be kind with your flight details. Non-stop and Direct flight are NOT the same!! Review your flight information before pressing BUY. Better yet, call the airlines directly and ask them about your flight. For example a DIRECT flight from San Juan to San Francisco was departing while I was at San Juan – but it stopped in Chicago first!!

it’s a ………!!!

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Our baby at 12 weeks

Our baby chilling at 12 weeks in the womb

The past 2 weeks have been tough. We were waiting for the results from the CVS test. This is the test that tells us if the baby was going to have any genetic abnormalities – like Downs Syndrome. It is also the test that tells us if out baby is a boy or a girl.

I was especially freaking out because I had a handicap sister and I did not want to go through that pain again. I commend parents who can manage a family, make a living and care for a special needs child.

So, the 2 week mark past and I did not get a call from my doctor, which was very worrisome. I called the next day and left a message. The call was returned the following day with great news. All the chromosomes were there – no extras – and we could know the sex of the baby if we wanted. “OF COURSE!” So, she asked again and I responded – “Yes, please!” and she said: “Congratulations, you’re having a girl!”

Here is the latest ultrasound we had done. It was for the CVS, so at the time, we did not know if it was a boy or a girl. Now we know and I have already started shopping for darling baby clothes!

If you are on the fence about getting a CVS or amniocentesis I would highly recommend it, especially if you are high-risk like me. At 41, I had a 1-40 chance of having a child with a genetic abnormality. That is pretty high odds and something that I would like to know that I will have to deal with. The tests can be a bit painful. The CVS is supposed to be more painful than an amniocentesis, but less risky. With the CVS they collect tissue from the placenta and it is done at 10-13 weeks. The needle they use has be pretty thick to collect tissue, not just fluid. So, women say that the CVS causes more pain. The Amnio is done a little later and they take a thinner needle into the amniotic fluid. This is the fluid that surrounds your baby in the uterus. I really did not want a needle puncturing the womb.  I’ll take the pain over the risk any day. Plus, the CVS is done a few weeks before the amniocentesis can be done.

All is well in Babyland – now it’s time to pick names!

Our baby girl at 12 weeks in the womb on her side

Our baby girl at 12 weeks in the womb on her side

wtf is the use of airline mile????

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American Airlines

American Airlines and their impossible Frequent flyer miles

Me: “Hey, I’m flying to San Juan on Monday and I was hoping to use some of my bazillion miles to upgrade to first class on the horrible red eye across the country.”

AA: “Oh, sure, let me look… Yes! We can fly you from SFO to MIA in first class, but after that there is no more first class available.”

Me: “That is OK, I just really wanted the SFO to MIA portion. I am pregnant and I can’t take sleeping pills and I don’t want to be cramped in the back of the plane. I won’t sleep and I need my sleep right now.”

AA: “No worries, we’ll take care of that for you. It’s gong to be 15,000 mile.”

Me: “Great! Thanks.”

AA: “Oh, but there is a $50 change fee on the ticket.”

Me: “OK.”

AA: “Oh and since you did not make the change within the week of your flight, that is an additional $100.”

Me: “You have to be kidding me? The seat is available, so why can’t I just pay the $50 and 15,000 miles?”

AA: “Sorry, that is just the way we work.”

The conversation went on, and I was trying to be calm about it all. WTF, the seat is there, the AA rep was on the phone – why the F*&% would they need to charge me another $100???

I did not make the change. That is $150 dollars. I don’t have $150 to spare right now – my health insurance for the baby is starting to kick in and I am saving every penny I have to pay my rent, electricity, phone bill, and car insurance.

It really pisses me off that airlines can pull crap like this. Really, $150 to make that change?

There was a time that I really admired airlines and enjoyed traveling. But now, it is all a pain in the ass and being pregnant now is killing my travel buzz.

So, once again. I can’t use my miles without spending a fortune and then my mile expire because I could never jump through all the hoops that the airlines expect. You know what it’s like? Reward miles are like those arcade games where you navigate that silly crain and try to grab a stuffed animal – you never get them – but you spend a fortune trying.

This sucks.

blessed be st. regis

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After a wonderful evening of indulgence: warm bath, endless creature comforts, mindless television, and bedside chocolates, I fell asleep under a bazillion count cotton sheets and woke up to my butler serving me decaf coffee in my room. I could easily live here. Hell, I would give birth here if I could! “Hello my darling butler, can you please send up a midwife and doola please?

I ordered room service and immensely enjoyed my hot chocolate, toasted cinnamon bagel and fresh fruit platter. The St. Regis has a way of making simple breakfast look absolutely fabulous – and even more delicious. Breakfast was followed by a spa treatment. I was hoping to get a hot stone massage, but because they heat the massage table and use hot rocks, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women. Darn! But I did get to enjoy a 90 minute massage in their Remède signature spa.

Of course, what could be better than lounging by the pool after a relaxing massage? Well, a glass of champagne by the pool would be super wonderful…. but not for this mama-to-be.

While chilling by the pool, I saw that I only had 2 hours before my limo was going to return me to Atlanta airport. So, I did what any pregnant woman would do. I called my butler and asked to have my clothes packed for me. Yes, that is one of the many delightful services that the St. Regis Atlanta offers.

So, after a few hours of sunning my growing belly, I returned to my room – luggage packed with tissue between each layer of perfectly-folded clothes no less! I donned on my traveling spandex pants and reluctantly bid adieu to my beautiful St. Regis room.

For your own St. Regis experience, give them a call:

St. Regis Atlanta

Eighty-Eight West Paces Ferry Road

Atlanta, Georgia


Phone: (404) 563-7900

cvs wtf?

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Ah, age and pregnancy. They don’t go together too well when it comes to statistics. So, a few weeks ago, I was given a basic screening of my changes of having a child with genetic defects.

It’s a frightening 1 in 40. Yep, I have a 1 in 40 chance of having a child with something genetically wrong. That is super spooky, so I decided to go with the CVS test, which stands for Chorionic Villus Sampling. And I’m not talking about the CVS where I went to buy the test to find out if I was blessed with child or not. This one is a bit more intense when it comes to its methodology. I wish all I had to do was pee on a little stick. Nope, how they do this test is by taking a really big needle and jabbing it in your baby’s placenta and removing tissue so they can test it for chromosome problems.

It sounds worse then it feels, actually. The real discomfort was later when I got home and the local anesthesia wore off. Don’t watch a comedy or start sneezing after this procedure.

So now we wait 2 weeks until the genetics specialist calls us and let’s us know the outcome. There is a chance that the test is wrong, and if the reading does not come out to our liking, we will then go in for an amniocentesis in week 15-18.

Honestly, I’m trusting God that everything is OK. This child is truly a miracle (or as my doctor said, “A snowball’s chance in hell.”) So, I am confident that everything will be smooth sailing.

delta sucks for pregnant women

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When it comes to flying, I am easy as they come. I don’t complain about late flights or rude flight attendants. I just grin and barn it, but now that I am pregnant, there are a few things that I need–like a bathroom more often than I like to admit….. So here’s my story:

Really? No isle seats at all? I’m 12 weeks preggers and I pee every 58 seconds…… and I’m stuck in a window seat and the 2 folks next to me are going to loooooove me by the time we get to Altanta.

Let me explain:

I get to the airport an hour and a bit before my domestic flight to Atlanta on Delta. I first try to check in at a kiosk, but since I did not book this ticket, I don’t have my record number or confirmation number. I then get into the line next to me, which I then get asked if I have my ticket printed. “No, I don’t.” I was then addressed by a rude woman who worked for Delta who said, “Then get out of this line and get your ticket at the kiosk.” I replied, “I can’t, I don’t have my confirmation number.” “Yes, you do.” She snapped back. “No, I don’t, all I have is an email from the person who booked my ticket. My client booked my ticket and just sent me the flight information. That is usually fine when I fly airlines that I have frequent flier memberships with (which is most of them except Delta). So, I finally find the line that I am supposed to be in – thanks to a fellow passenger who  directed me while I stood there in line with my stupid pregnant fog face staring into the distance about to break into tears.

When I got to the desk, I asked the Delta employee if I could please get an isle seat. “I am 12 weeks pregnant and I need to use the bathroom quite often and I don’t want to interrupt the two passengers that are going to be sitting next to me.” This guy, with horribly dry hands did not even look at his computer and check, he just looked an me with glazed-over eyes and absolutely no compassion and said, “The flight is full. If you want to change, you need to check at the gate.” I was not in the mood to plead, so I took my boarding pass with my window seat at 41F.

Fast forward 20 minutes at the gate. I see that there are two people working the gate. One is a woman and I plan on waiting for her. The chances are good that she’s a mom and can feel my pain. The other is man with a white goatee and a scowl on his face. I try and wait for the woman, but she is working with other passengers. So, I go up and talk with him. “Excuse me, I am sorry to bug you, but I am 12 weeks pregnant and I use the bathroom a lot and I was wondering if I could get an isle seat.” Once again, without even looking at the screen, he said to me–without even a congratulations or smile–“The flight is full.” Neither one of these middle-aged men even tried to help me out.

Hell, the least they could have done is pretended to look at the screen and say to me: “Oh darling, congratulations, let me take a look and see if someone in the isle has not checked in and I’ll give you that seat. Oh dear, I am sorry, all the isle seats have checked in. Good luck, I am so sorry!”

OK, maybe it’s my hormones, but really, where is the love for the knocked up chick?

I decide to be the last person on the plane. It will give me time to go to the restroom one last time. I head back to my isle and there is a lovely couple from Raleigh, NC. I apologize and let then know that I am pregnant and I will be using the restroom a lot. The wife smiles at me and says, “Oh honey, you can sit in isle.” She then told her husband to move to the window seat and I got to sit in the isle. YIPPY! So, maybe the people running Delta suck, but the people who are flying are pretty great! Thank you for your kindness.

Let’s all keep up the good work and support our fellow passengers!!

entering sweet tooth hell

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I never liked chocolate. Yep, I was one of those despicable women who would turn up her nose at anything with chocolate in it. It would drive boyfriends crazy because they knew that they couldn’t ever show up with the gratuitous box of chocolate any time they did something wrong. Give me chocolate? Then walk right back out that door.

That was 11 weeks ago. Girl I can’t get enough chocolate now! I think that this is a cruel joke the universe is playing on me.  As I write this, I have finished off a Halloween Reece’s candy and now I am working my way through a pile of M&Ms. When will this madness stop? I don’t want to eat chocolate, I don’t want to crave sweets, all I want is to crave healthy, nourishing food that my baby can grow healthy with – chocolate? I don’t see that supporting a healthy child. BUT I CAN’T STOP!

What sucks is that I don’t want to eat any of the food that kept me in shape all these 41 years. I can’t look at fish right now and don’t get any type of meat near me because I will throw it at you. (I can, I’m pregnant and the hormone are driving me crazy). Vegetables? Is mashed potatoes considered a vegetable?

I am trying hard to eat well. I do have fresh fruit and granola with yogurt in the morning – that or a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie. But after that, all hell breaks loose and if there is anything sweet in a 15 ft radius of me, I will consume it.

So, what I’ve learned in the past 11 weeks about food cravings:

– Most women will experience food cravings at some point or another during pregnancy. In fact as many as half of all women will crave some type of cuisine or unusual food product during pregnancy. The most popular cravings include sweet and salty foods, while other women report craving spicy or fatty foods. Why all the cravings?

– The extreme hormonal changes women go through during pregnancy can have a huge impact on taste and smell.

– There is evidence that chocolate works on the neurotransmitters in your brain to give you a feeling of well-being.

OK, so since I have stopped drinking, I don’t have anything to quench my desire for “something sweet” since champagne is mainly sugar. I have then started to use candy as my way of “getting my sweets” but instead of a liquid laced with alcohol, I am devouring “sweets.”

And since I can no longer get that wonderful “champagne sparkle” I have to rely on chocolate for my “sugar buzz.”

Got it.

jetset mama

pregnant sex ROCKS

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I have always liked sex. It’s been one of my favorite things to do for years – that and enjoying dinner parties and sipping champagne. Well, now that I am pregnant (and BTW, none of my friends know  because I’m not divorced yet and if my ex finds out, he will make my life hell). So, I can’t go to dinner with my friends – I used to be trim and athletic,  but I’ve put on 10 pounds in the past 11 weeks. None of my darling cocktail dresses fit any longer.  And I’m not drinking, if anything, that will be the biggest giveaway that something’s up.

So, all I’ve got is SEX. And girls, I have to say that is have been great. I’ve never been an airy-fairy love sick lady. I like getting it on and warm and fuzzy emotions never played an important part in the sexquation. Well, let me tell you, when you are making love to the man who’s child you are carrying and he’s looking into your eyes like you are the most important thing in the universe – it’s powerful. It’s magic. It’s amazing. It’s almost spiritual. No, it is spiritual.

Although the union of my beau and I would not be considered proper in most Christian faiths, I feel that God is there and smiling on us. Life becomes softer, my worries disappear, and I feel a part of creation.

If you are preggers and you have not had sex yet, I highly recommend it. My doctor told me that it is safe and is great for relieving stress. Heaven’s knows I’m dealing with a lot of stress right now. A divorce, moving, working on my next book and pregnant. Can someone pass the Calgon? Oh, yeah – no more super hot bathtubs either.

“Honey, mama needs a back rub.”


jetset mama

morning sickness be gone!

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The past few weeks have been tough. I have felt sick 24 hours a day. If it was JUST morning sickness, I could handle that – I’ve had a few good hangovers in my life! But, lately I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to vomit. I could not eat – even though I had to. I survived off graham crackers and milk. The two times that I tried to eat normal food, I was confronted with the toilet bowl an hour later. Life sucked and I wanted to sleep through the sickness.

Then, I went to see my doctor and she prescribed ZOFRAN to me. OMG! This drug works! In less than 30 minutes of taking the pill, my nausea was gone and I could finally be nice to people and eat a decent meal. I really want to go through this pregnancy drug free, but being nausea nonstop kicked my ass. I would wake up sick and tired and would go to be sick and tired. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

The research I’ve done does not say anything negative about ZOFRAN and pregnancy, so I have taken a half a pill any time that I start to feel sick. I have not had to take much, but it has made a world of difference in my daily life.

One problem with ZOFRAN is that is it an expensive drug created for people getting chemotherapy. Luckily, I am with Kaiser and it is covered upnder my health care plan. I got 60 pills for $10. When talking with your doctor about ZOFRAN, ask if he/she will give you the largest amount of pills possible in your prescription. That is what my doctor did for me. THANK YOU!!!

Now I can get back to work without wanting to vomit every 30 seconds.

the prenatal vitamin dilemma

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The first thing I did when I found out that I was with child was bid adieu to my beloved champagne and jetted to Whole Food to tackle the prenatal vitamin labyrinth. What I found so shocking was the prices. $53 for a bottle of vitamins – really? But, being the great mom that I am going to be, I read all the bottles and decided to go with the one that said, “Gentle on the stomach.” Yes, that is what I needed, for weeks, I have felt like a sophomore coed after a big night out with the football team. Hang over? Morning sickness? Is this God’s irony in action? The last thing I wanted was to be more ill after swallowing a horse pill. Nothing like those vitamin burps – ick!

The first brand I bought was Super Nutrition at around $23 for 30 pills. This is the brand that said it was gentle on the stomach and I only had to take one a day. Mind you, the pill is the size of a quarter (OK a little exaggeration there!). I did feel ill around 30 minutes after I took the pill. And since eating was not on the top of my list of Fun Activities, I had to make sure that I had something in my tummy when I took it. Now this was on top of my usual morning sickness – which lasted way beyond the morning hours.

So, I decided to go back to the store and find another alternative. I picked up New Chapter Organic at around $25 for 48 pills. It was rated a “Buyers’ Choice” so I bought it. Ah, I got it home and found out that I had to take THREE A DAY! What! I lasted one day with this brand. I got super sick and I just could not handle the pain anymore.

Then…. I saw my doctor and I told her how miserable I was with all-day morning sickness and gross prenatal pill. She told me the best thing I have heard in weeks: All you need to take is children’s gummy or chewable vitamins and just double up the dose. If the bottle says, “take 2” then take 4. So, I went to Safeway and for a whopping $8 for 150, I picked up Flintstones Sour Gummies! I love these things and I take more than I need a day – just because they taste so good! Here is the breakdown:

8 Gummy Flintstones:

I also take 200 mg of B6, 100 mg of DHA and 99mg of Potassium, which don’t upset my belly.

Folic acid: 800 mcg

Vitamin A: 8000 IU

Vitamin C: 120 mg

Vitamin D: 800 IU

Vitamin E: 80 IU

Vitamin B12: 20 mcg

Vitamin B6: 4 mg

Zinc: 10 mg

1 Super Nutrition, Simply One Prenatal:

As you can see, this one has a lot more vitamins and minerals than Flintstones. But it’s a hard pill to swallow.

Folic acid: 1,000 mcg

Vitamin A: 3000 IU

Vitamin C: 150 mg

Vitamin D: 700 IU

Vitamin E: 120 IU

Vitamin B12: 30 mcg

Vitamin B6: 35 mg

Zinc: 32 mg

3 New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal:

I was not able to take 3 of these in a day. The first pill got me super sick. For a  full list of vitamins and mineral, check out their website.

Folate: 600 mcg

Vitamin A: 5000 IU

Vitamin C: 60 mg

Vitamin D3: 1000 IU

Vitamin E: 30 IU

Vitamin B12: 30 mcg

Vitamin B6: 5 mg

Zinc: 7.5 mg

I really want to do what is best for my baby, but I also want to make it through the day without getting sick. So, for now, I will stick to the Flintstone Gummy Vitamins.

Got any advice or recommendations? I would love to hear!

jetset mama

holy cow! i’m pregnant…

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Laying on my back with my legs in the air, my doctor said to me  – while jelling up the ultrasound – “You realize that there was a snowball’s chance in hell that you would get pregnant. You had everything going against you.” Yes, she was correct: I’m 41 years, spend 2 weeks a month traveling overseas, eat out every night, which includes drinking copious amounts of champagne, and I drink at least five cups of coffee a day. I had no desire to visit Preggersville when there are places like Rome and Paris to see.

But it looks like fate had other plans for this jetsetting diva and it came in the form of a prefect union between my egg and my boyfriend’s sperm. And since it looks like my traveling days are going to be numbered soon, I thought that I would take this opportunity to research, seek, and review travel stuff for the girl who’s got herself knocked up.

I’m 10 weeks preggers and I feel like hell. I have all the usual symptoms – bloating, lethargy, constipation and moodiness. If I could sleep 32 hours a day, I would. If I could kick someone’s ass I’d do it. And if I could just take a good BM my life would be complete! I can’t believe that women long to be pregnant – and then do it over and over again! Please, don’t get me wrong, I am super happy to be a mom, it was something that I thought I was going to miss out on due to my hyper social life and frenetic travel schedule.

So, I invite you to join me on this crazy carpet ride. I plan on reviewing travel products for moms and learning about how to travel when pregnant. So far, I have 2 trips planned and I am already getting advice from my doctor about what I need to do to prepare for air travel. First class will never be the same without champagne!

I encourage your involvement and comments – this is the first time I am doing this, and unlike my well-traveled passport, this body of mine has never gone through this. And heaven knows, I need all the advice I can get!

Until next time, jetset mama

Free Junior Ranger Day on Alcatraz

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The National Park Service will host two Junior Ranger Day events and interpretive programs on Alcatraz Island on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, 2015.

The purpose of Junior Ranger Days is to highlight the Alcatraz Junior Ranger Program, including special ranger walks and other youth specific activities. In addition, Junior Rangers may purchase a Junior Ranger Book for a $2.00 fee at the retail stores located on Alcatraz Island. The booklet includes a variety of site specific activities. Those who complete the activities will be sworn in as Junior Rangers and receive a Junior Ranger Badge.

A limited number of complimentary tickets are available, therefore a maximum of four complimentary tickets are available per group or family and there must be at least one youth (between the ages of 5-11) in the group. Children must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult, age 18 or older. To book Junior Ranger Day tickets, please call the Alcatraz Cruises Group Services Department at (415) 438-8361 by no later than May 1, 2015. (Note: tickets for Junior Ranger Day are not available online or at the Pier 33 ticket booth).

Emirates Airlines: Awesome Airlines for Kids

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‘Fly With Me Monster’ toys given to the kids


Flying with kids can suck. It’s hard enough to travel on long trips alone, but when you get kids in the mix, things can get crazy. And, what are the biggest thing parents complain about when traveling with children? Long-distant flights and uncaring flight attendants.

Well, the management at Emirates Airlines must have a lot of children, because they have done a stellar job with their extras for kids who fly with them.

You have to give them a big round of applause for carrying 2.3 million children to over 140 destinations across 6 continents. With nine current US cities, and an Orlando gateway coming this fall, Emirates is by far one of the most children-friendly airlines that I have traveled on. My favorite was the complimentary strollers when you arrive at Dubai Airport.

2015-01-19 07.31.10

Complementary strollers when you arrive in Dubai


The hardest part about getting to a destination? Well, getting to the destination. So, while it’s completely understandable why moms like me choose to keep their kids stateside to avoid the absolutely painful art of Flying With Kids, Emirates has actually made the journey enjoyable. Of course, I’m not a big fan of taking kids in first class, but the business class flights on their new A380’s have enough room and plenty to do for kids to not go stir crazy. The seats turn into beds – so your babies can sleep! And you too.

Sweet dreams baby

Sweet dreams baby

Here are a few awesome perks for kids travelling with Emirates Airlines:

  • Meals for children from two to 12 years are available
  • Exclusive children’s magazine called Fly With Me Monster – My Monster Magazine
  • Fly with Me Monsters toys with blankets, Sketchers and seatbelt critters
  • Brightly colored children’s headsets
  • Wide range of children’s movies, TV and interactive games on ICE (information, Communication, and Entertainment system).
  • Quiksilver wallets, travel journals, backpacks, cooler bags, storybooks and eye masks
  • Priority boarding and a complimentary stroller service at Dubai International airport
  • Children’s facilities in the airport lounges
  • Skysurfers membership with Emirates Skywards
  • Offer assistance with special needs children
  • Bassinet capability in Business Class
ICE, ICE baby

ICE, ICE baby

Kids’ content on ICE

  • 10+ new children’s films next month, including Muppets Most Wanted, Mr Peabody & Sherman, The Lego Movie, Justin Bieber: Believe, The Nut Job, Walking with Dinosaurs, Dino Time, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo!, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Sammy 2, Thor: The Dark World and Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright
  • 50 Disney Classic movies covering the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series, Toy Story trilogy, Cars 1 & 2, Monsters Inc. & Monsters University, plus timeless classics, such as Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Finding Nemo and Dumbo
  • Four fully branded children’s television channels; CBeebies, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network
  • 20+ children’s channels including Fireman Sam, Deadly Pole to Pole, Horrid Henry and many more favorites
  • Music: One Direction, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Little Mix, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, The Saturdays and Justin Timberlake, to name but a few.  

Kinda makes you want to go on an international trip with your kids, right?

Check out the Emirates Airlines specials.

May 16: Children’s Champions at Stanford Stadium

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Wender Weis Foundation for Children (WWFC) and Fit Kids present the second annual Children’s Champions, an extraordinary experience for children at Stanford Stadium enabling them to create lasting memories while also learning how to make fitness fun.  Children’s Champions represents a unique partnership between two Peninsula organizations dedicated to supporting Bay Area kids, and takes place on Saturday, May 16.

We are honored to be working with Fit Kids for a second year in a row and are thrilled to see the excitement around the community for this special family event,” explains Amy Wender-Hoch, WWFC’s Founder. “It’s rare for two nonprofits to join forces in this way for one event and we are thrilled to work together to make a difference in the lives of at-risk children.

“We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to help kids discover fun ways to lead healthy, active lifestyles,” adds Fit Kids’ founder, Ashley Riley.  “By combining our resources, WWFC and Fit Kids will sponsor 200 at-risk children and their families to attend this fun-filled, memorable afternoon at Stanford Stadium.”

Kids of all ages will have the exclusive opportunity to meet Stanford and pro athletes, take photos with team mascots, create their own trading cards, and gain rare access to Stanford Stadium during this one-of-a-kind event.  Activities include sports drills with the Stanford athletes, lawn games such as three-legged races and obstacle courses, arts & crafts, and much more.



Children’s Champions activities begin at 10 a.m. with an hour-long VIP Reception including a special Q&A session with Bay Area professional athletes, exclusive sports drills led by Stanford athletes, early access for autographs and photos, special breakfast, Fit Kids activities, crafts and more.  The main event immediately follows starting at 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

WWFC is planning to leverage funding from Children’s Champions to underwrite a summer camp for homeless children in San Francisco, enabling them to have a fun and positive summer experience.  WWFC will provide 100% of the funding support for the upcoming program, which Compass Family Services will coordinate.  Fit Kids will use the funds raised at Children’s Champions to continue its programs that support fitness activities, nutrition tips, and healthy, active lifestyles for at-risk children.

Tickets are available at or or by calling (650) 321-4142.


The free family fun day event happens this Saturday, April 4th.

It’s also of news interest beyond Florida because of the

creativity revolution that Zot Artz is spearheading nationwide.


─ Arts For All: Accessible Arts Experience
for Children with Special Needs ─


Free Family Fun Day on Saturday, April 4th 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
at The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU invites all families, especially children with special needs, to All Kids Included – Arts For All, an  Accessible Arts Experience. The community art-happening is free and open to the public on Saturday, April 4 from 10am – 2pm. The family fun day, led by Zot Artz, opens up a whole new world of inclusive art-making with specially designed attachments for wheelchairs and other art-making adaptive tools created  for children with cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and other disabilities.

The program helps children develop motor skills, concentration, social interaction and self esteem.  Families will create life-changing, experiential artworks together in playful environments.

The event is co-sponsored by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and All Kids Included. The Frost Art Museum is located at Florida International University, 10975 S.W. 17 Street (map and directions) and is a cultural destination with a community-focused mission to educate and enlighten that is part of FIU’s Live the Arts program.

Free Family Fun Day  (Saturday, April 4, 10am-2pm)

At this inclusive and interactive painting and printmaking experience, parents will be able to create and play along with their kids using adaptive art tools created by acclaimed artist and inventor Dwayne Szot.

Watch a video about this innovative art-making experience here

Mr. Szot has been invited to Miami to facilitate the activities, with his innovative assistive technologies that provide one-of-a-kind creative expression through arts and mobility (such as wheelchairs with attachments for painting on large-scale blank canvases that fill up the entire floor and walls of specially designed rooms).

Children of all abilities and ages can stamp, draw, and print to make their mark.  It’s all play, but they learn, explore and develop skills while having fun together.

All tools and materials for kids to use at the event are free for the day, and include fun experiences such as  the Super Squirt (a switch-activated liquid paintbrush that attaches to wheelchairs and propels paint 10-15 feet in front of the user onto giant murals on the floor and the walls), the Art Roller (enabling kids to roll paint through an enormous field of color), the Pogo Paint Poles, and the Chalk Walk and Roll. (See examples of these adaptive tools here).

“The Frost Art Museum seeks to build its legacy of education and community outreach with this magical event for families and children with special needs, especially on the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),” said the museum’s Director, Dr. Jordana Pomeroy.

“All year long, our education programs are designed to nurture and increase each participant’s knowledge of art, honoring our mission to serve art lovers of all ages, means and backgrounds including the culturally diverse FIU community, residents and visitors,” adds Dr. Pomeroy.

More About Dwayne Szot and Zot Artz
Dwayne Szot grew up in a mid-western foster home with a foster brother and sister who had cerebral palsy.Other children and adults with disabilities lived in the home, and Szot observed and respected the special challenges they faced. He credits that experience for giving him the courage and motivation to create the “painting wheelchair” to help children with disabilities create art.Originally, as an artist and engineer, he designed and built machines that he used to apply color to huge surfaces including building walls, roofs, and even a frozen lake.Having studied how a machine could extend his own ability to make a mark, and remembering his foster siblings’ struggles, Szot was inspired to create a mechanical device that would serve to also extend a disabled person’s ability to make a mark.

He has worked with special education departments, hospitals, and residential facilities. He founded Zot Artz to create adaptive art tools and make them available to teachers, therapists, residential providers, hospitals, parks, and other facilities. Szot also facilitates art experiences nationwide using his inventions.


Workshop for Educators (Friday, April 3, 8:30am-4pm)

This event is a training session for educators, therapists, artists, and community service personnel. (Registration required in advance/not open to the general public.) This workshop provides techniques and strategies that are inclusive for social-emotional, artistic and academic implementation.There will be segments on accommodation/modification of techniques to adapt content for children and youth with disabilities.  The workshop will feature Zot Artz and Jeff Deen’s Drumming for Wellness.  For more information/to register, contact Dia Carter Webb at Arts for Learning: 305-576-1212 or

Teresa and Cassandra in Mexico

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a prefect mommies’ getaway to mexico

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You know that feeling. It’s 5 pm, you’re covered in random sticky substances that could be:

1. Food

2. Poop

3. Snot

4. Breast milk

You want a break, a real big one that includes:

1. A plane ticket

2. A spa

3. Lots of wine

4. Your best friends

I got the place for you mommies!  Secrets The Vine is a brand-new resort in Cancun, Mexico, and the first in the world to offer a wine-inspired all-inclusive.

1-Secrets girlfriends

Swim up, wind down, party, flirt (daddy’s not around) or play in one of their six sexy bars and lounges. Enjoy your favorite cocktail poolside or out on the beach with wait service. The resort is adults-only, so you won’t hear or see any screaming children on this high-end property (including yours!). The property was built only six months ago, so when it comes to innovation and amenities, everything is top-shelf. Top-shelf also describes the resort’s wine collection of more than 4,000 wines from around the world.

1-secrets pool

Some of the other treats that mommies will adore include the wine-inspired spa treatments. The most popular Vine Therapy Treatments include: d’ vine Wine Facial, d’ vine Ultimate Wine Massage, and d’ vine Pinot Noir Escape Exfoliation. Expect to leave the spa floating.

The resort has six á la carte gourmet restaurants and cuisine options include Mediterranean, Peruvian, Asia, and international seafood. And, like the wine–it’s all included. Each chef was brought in from his country and cuisine of origin to create the menus. Great thing is that reservations are never required. So, last-minute schedule changes (super long nap, day trip on a catamaran, mani-pedi) won’t mess up your dinner reservations – because you don’t need them.

3-secrets bar

Each month, the resort offers wine lessons and tastings with enologist Hugo D’Acosta. D’Acosta is considered the Robert Mondavi of Mexico. He was born and raised in Mexico and trained in Bordeaux. He owns four wineries in the Guadalupe Valley and consults for a number of others in the region. D’Acosta is considered one of the best winemakers in Mexico.



Skip the hustle and bustle on your next vacation. Gather your girlfriends for a relaxing getaway where each of you will be treated like queens.

With the Girlfriends Getaway Package, each girl will enjoy:

  • A girlfriend mani/pedi session
  • Access to the spa’s wet areas
  • An additional 10% off extra spa treatments
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Special room service one morning complete with Mimosas, fruits and pastries
  • And more…

WHAT: Secrets The Vine

WHERE: Cancun, Mexico

PRICE: Starting at $334 per person, per night

Check it out!

Yes, we love our children, but sometimes mommy needs a break.





best restaurant in the bay area for small kids

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I’ll be on ABC channel 7, San Francisco on Thursday, March 1, between 3-4 pm, discussing great restaurants in the Bay Area for small children. There is a LIVE studio audience, so if you want to go, call the station at (415) 954-7733. If you can’t be there in studio, you can be there online!

You can comment LIVE on the show on facebook.

For more information on the show CLICK HERE!

Also, you can follow me on twitter.

MBT Valentines Contest

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Enter MBT Footwear’s fun Valentines contest for a chance to win a Jelly Belly Gift Box!

Top 5 Items for New Moms

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Becoming a mom has been the hardest thing that I have ever done. When I got pregnant I was so excited about being able to have everything–the business, the baby, the book deals, oh and the travel. Well, things are not as easy as I expected, but I have found a few items that do double duty, and as a new mom, that is what I need. These items have made my life a lot easier and I’m sure that you’ll find them super helpful as well.

MBT's high-tech Ari

MBT's high-tech Ari

MBTs: Walking shoes and workouts

Ideally, I’d be at the gym every morning. But that’s not going to happen. I can barely get enough time to take a shower. I got a pair of MBT Ari’s. these shoe make you use your core muscles just by wearing them. They have a patented structure that make you use your bum, tummy, and leg muscles to keep balanced and moving. Just walking is a workout. I can throw on my MBTs, head to the grocery store and by the time I’m back home I can feel the burn in my lower body. It is truly amazing.

Graco Pack and Play

Graco Pack and Play

Graco Pack and Play: Traveling Bed and Playpen

We live in a small apartment in San Francisco, so we don’t have room for a beautiful crib with matching furniture. What we have is the Graco Pack and Play and it is a lifesaver. My baby sleeps in it at night and she plays in it during the day. Then, we I send her off to grandma’s house, the system easily breaks down into a carry bag. It comes with a rod where you can hang toys and mobiles as well, which is great for little curious minds.

Orbit Baby Strollers

Orbit Baby Strollers

Orbit Baby: Stroller and Car Seat in One

This stroller is not only a stroller, it’s its own verb. I can Orbit with my baby, not just walk. The stroller seat is also a car seat that snaps into an orbit base in the car. The Orbit system offers a bassinet on a rocker – which my baby slept in for the first 4 months. The bassinet clips into the stroller base as well. So, with a few pieces from Orbit, you have a stroller, car seat, and bassinet. For you fashionistas, you will be happy to know that the stroll comes in a variety of hip colors.



Lululemon: Workout to a Night Out

OK, I spend my day nursing, burping, and keeping a new human alive while juggling client calls and writing. I can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and I want something that feels sexy, but still lets me move with my not-so-hot body. Lululemon has some great clothes that firm and lift while looking tres chic. Kinda like body Spanx but way sexier. Some of the pants are reversible, so I can wear them a few days in a row! What is great about many of their designs is that I can throw on one of their darling sweaters over an outfit along with a cute pair of flats and I am good to go.

Netflix mobile

Netflix mobile

Netflix Mobile: Breaking the Breastfeeding Boredom

I’ve had Netflix for years. I enjoy getting movies in the mail and having movie night. Well, then I started breastfeeding and I was bored out of my skull. I can’t just stare at my beautiful baby for 45 minutes straight 8 times a day. So, I downloaded Netflix onto my iPhone. Now, I can put in my earplugs (a must) and watch movies to my heart’s content. Now, breastfeeding is not boring at all, actually I look forward to it!

These are a few items that have made my life much easier and have helped me be the best mom I can be. No, I’m not supermom, and I need all the help that I can get. I’m not too sure what I would do without these few treasured items, luckily I don’t need to find out!

baby got her passport!

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Easy, breezy. Getting a passport for your baby is super simple and should be mandatory. Especially for moms who encourage independence and exploration for themselves and their children. I know that the task can seem overwhelming, but it is actual quite painless if you have all the pieces you need to file. So let’s get that baby of ours a passport!

Just a few helpful items:

1. If you are planning a trip to another country. That is ANY country that is not the USA, you NEED a passport. A birth certificate WILL NOT WORK.

2. Domestic travel is different. I flew with baby CJ from Oakland to Burbank and we did not even need ID for her. I think that is a mistake, they did ask me to bring it next time, but it was not a big deal (which it should be). They did request her birth certificate and immunization card very kindly (yeah – what if I kidnapped her?!?!?)

CJ on her first flight with the great pilots at Southwest

CJ on her first flight with the great pilots at Southwest

3. You don’t need a Social Security Number for an infant. That is one thing that the Passport Office is OK about. Since Social Security Numbers are not mandatory anymore, parents don’t need to go through that process – hell, what is social security now anyway? In the section where it asks for the SS# just put “000-00-000.”  That’s it.

OK, now the simple steps to getting your child’s passport:

1. Go you your local post office and pick up a passport application. There you will find a list of all the documents you’ll need.

– Original birth certificate

– 2 passport photos

– Your passport

– Your baby’s mama’s or daddy’s passport

– A cashier’s check (the cash amount varies depending on your circumstances)

2. Fill out the application and call your local post office to make an appointment to get your documents reviewed and notarized under oath.

– Getting an appointment is very simple, just call your nearest post office and find out if they accept passport applications.

Here is a LINK with all those details.

3. Go to the post office: On the day of your appointment at the post office, show up with your bundle of joy (your baby), the baby’s passport photos, the application filled out, the original birth certificate of your child, your passport, yourself, the father/mother of your child (who is listed on the birth certificate, his/her passport, an ATM card or cash.

4. Take an oath: The postal officer will ask you to swear under oath, ask for your money and send off your baby’s passport application.

2-4 weeks later, you baby will have a passport!! it is good for 5 years. How cool is that??

Now, mama, go off and TRAVEL!

CJ's certificate of FIRST FLIGHT!!

CJ's certificate of FIRST FLIGHT!!

mommy moon take 2: san francisco’s hotel abri

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Breast pump, check. Batteries, check, Girdle, check. Stamina to go dancing, check. Unlike my last failed mommy moon, I made sure that I had all the pieces to my breast pump, and for extra security, I brought one battery operated pump and a hand pump. There was no way I was going to go home at 4:30 am again. I wanted my 8 hours of sleep, and darn it, I was going to get them on this overnight adventure.

YouTube Preview Image

Hotel Abri in San Francisco’s Union Square area was my choice for a night away from home. It’s a super cozy hotel with an incredibly friendly staff. The best thing about the hotel is its central location. It’s a few hundred yards from hotels that charge and arm and a leg to stay in their gilded towers, yet hotel Abri is totally chill and unpretentious. That is something I need being a new mom.

Along with a great location and brand spanking new rooms, they have a few services that can come in handy for the mommy on her moon.  Let me introduce you to the Shopping Vale: After being pregnant, my feet ain’t the same and the last thing I want to do is schlep my shopping bootie back to the hotel. Well, at the Hotel Abri, you don’t have to worry, because with their Shopping Valet program mommies (any guest, really) can call the Valet Hotline and they will dispatch a team member to pick up your bags at no charge and deliver them to your room.  Service is limited to within two blocks of Union Square or the San Francisco Shopping Center. Barney’s – here I come!

Another fancy service they offer is the Tech Menu – a gadget gallery for tech toys that guests can borrow or purchase including: phone charger, Laptop charger, 1 gb flash drive, power strip, USB/AC adaptor, mini speaker, ear buds and Abri journal & pen. The hotel will soon also be offering two Wiis for hotel guests and an Ipad which will be in the lobby for guests to use at their leisure. No, they don’t offer breast pumps (yet).

So, after a delicious Italian dinner at Puccini & Pinetti Italian Restaurant, which is connected to the hotel. I went back up to my room and pumped around 5 ounces. I met up with a friend and we decided to go across the street to Infusion Lounge. Yep, I know, I know. I’m not twenty-something (twice that, actually). But sometimes I just want to feel like one – not two. I might be a mom, but I’m not dead (yet).

So, finding out, the hotel offers a “Get Infused Package” which I did not take advantage of this time…….

Here’s what they have to say about it:
“Experience San Francisco’s hottest new nightclub and go home to the Hotel Abri across the street.  The Get Infused package includes:

  • Overnight Accommodations – Urban Suite
  • Complimentary Cover Charge at Infusion Lounge (dress code strictly enforced)
  • 15% off Infusion Lounge food
  • “Stay Infused” Premium Beverage & Nosh Tray
  • Morning Rush “Hangover Kit”
  • Late Check-out.”

I’m not too sure if it was the intoxicating beats that pumped through Infusion Lounge, or the champagne, but the next thing I knew it was 1:00 am. We looked at each other, laughed and left Infusion.

Back in the room, I pumped more, then lounged in bed  watching TV. I don’t have television at home, so it was a pleasure just relaxing without a screaming baby or fear that I was going to wake the baby. Before I knew it, it was 2:30 am. I had a 9:00 am meeting. So much for my 8 hours of blissful sleep!

The hotel is a lovely gem in the high-energy Union Street area. It’s not filled with obnoxious tourist or overrun by businessmen. The lobby is an intimate space with an open fireplace. Each night, they serve a “rush hour” cocktail to guests in the lobby. The rooms are fabulous for the price. Each has a small refrigerator – perfect for storing breast milk! They can keep the cost down because they don’t offer room service, but that is fine because there are so many great places to eat in the neighborhood.

Some of the point of interests near by include:

  • Powell Street Cable Car line – 1 block
  • Westfield Shopping Center – 2 blocks
  • Union Square – 2 1/2 blocks
  • Chinatown – 9 blocks
  • Nob Hill – 1/2 mile
  • Yerba Buena Gardens – 1/2 mile
  • SF Museum of Modern Art – 3/4 mile
  • North Beach – 1 mile
  • Ferry Building – 1 1/2 miles
  • Fisherman’s Wharf – 2 miles
  • Golden Gate Bridge – 3 miles
  • California Academy of Sciences – 4 miles
  • Napa/Sonoma – 45 miles

For you mommies who want a action-packed night away from home, check out Hotel Abri!


127 Ellis Street

San Francisco, CA · 94102

T: 415.392.8800 ·

Click here to check it out……



my mommy-moon misadventure: the perfect hotel without the pump

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It was 12:45 pm and I was covered in milk, spit up and saliva. Only 45 minutes before my 80-minute stress buster massage and I was scrambling to get out of the house. I grabbed the breast pump, the only dress that fits slightly since I had my daughter 8 weeks ago, and a few toiletries that I’d need for my 24-hour urban excursion to Hotel Vitale in San Francisco.

Hotel Vitale in San Francisco

The hotel is a located on the shimmering embarcadero and just steps away from some of San Francisco’s most famous restaurants and attractions including The Slanted Door, Hog Island Oysters and the Ferry Building Marketplace. I live across town in Pacific Heights – yes only minutes from the hotel, but world away from my all-consuming role as a new mother. Hotel Vitale is known for its world-class service, impeccable rooms, and super chic San Francisco scene. So I thought it fitting for an escape from my messy Mommydom.

My view

Their restaurant Americano is the place where you can find San Francisco’s upwardly mobile, sexy singles socializing on Thursday and Friday nights. Not that I am part of that crew any longer. My life has dramatically shifted and I’ve gone from Manolo Blahniks to MBTs.

What I was looking forward to more than my massage at their SPA VITALE , or dinner at Americano with friends was my 8 long hours of sleep I was going to enjoy – something that I had not experienced in months.

With bag in hand and a big ear-to-ear grin I kissed my family goodbye and dashed out the door to my waiting cab. Free at last!

I checked into my room and strolled over to the spa where I was treated to their signature “Stress Buster” treatment. It is a relaxing 80-minute treatment that includes a back massage and a facial. The products they use are organic Juice Beauty. After the treatment, my body was relaxed and my face was glowing.

Spa Vitale's Outdoor Soaking Tub

Dinner with friends was later that evening, so I took some time to visit the Ferry Building Marketplace. Yes, it is a place that I have gone many times – but never as a new mom. For the first time, I appreciated having both my hands free, able to walk without navigating a stroller. I do love my daughter and I enjoy taking her out and about, but I was really relishing this time alone. Everything seemed new to me. The mushrooms at Far West Fungi looked so incredibly interesting and the cheeses at Cowgirl Creamery were absolutely delightful.

Back at the hotel, I spent a few minutes online (they offer free basic Internet service), watched a little CNN and spent time gazing out my window overlooking the San Francisco Bay. I watched sailboats dance on the water and tourists enjoy the San Francisco sunshine. After a steamy rinse in vinchy-like shower, I took a nap in my fabulously huge king size bed stacked with lots of fluffy pillows.

My friends organized cocktails and appetizers on the Cielo Terrace, which is located on the 7thfloor. It is a beautiful private area that is available for small parties and events.

Cielo Terrace View

After cocktails, we enjoyed dinner at Americano. Chef Kory Stewart took a moment to meet us – which was treat! Dinner included an heirloom tomato salad, grilled rib eye with fried cranberry beans, and finished with a deep chocolate mouse with salted caramel. Yum!

Americano Dining Room

I was back in my room by 11:00 pm, completely satisfied and abundantly happy, but definitely feeling the milk level rise in my boobs. The hotel was fabulous, my glorious king size bed was super cozy and I loved listening to their signature CD of new artists that played in the room’s sound system. But, there was one small problem. Because I still breast feed, I made sure that I left daddy with enough milk for the baby – but I did not really think about my body and that I would continue to produce milk. Yes, I did bring my pump, but when I set it up, I was missing a piece. In my haste to get out of the house, I forgot a critical part of my successful getaway. The flange.

Well, my wonderful 24-hour getaway ended at 4:00 am when my breasts got so engorged that I had to get home to feed the baby or pump. I did all that I could to relieve the pain: hot shower, massage, manual expressing, and praying. I was bummed because I had ordered a scrumptious breakfast of eggs benedict, hot chocolate and fresh fruit to be delivered at 10:00 am. I planned on laying in that massive bed, while wearing a robe, and watching morning television. That was to be followed by a short stroll to the San Francisco Zip Line for a 750-feet ride above Justin Herman Plaza.  I ordered a picnic lunch from the hotel that I was going to enjoy on the docks overlooking the San Francisco Bay because I was not expected home until 1:00 pm the next day and I wanted to take full advantage of every second I was given.

When I got home at 4:30 am, daddy was up, but baby just fell asleep. An hour later –  and 10 ounces of freshly squeezed milk –  I was tempted to jump back in a cab and get back under those rich, cotton sheets at the Vitale, but I was too exhausted and I already had such a wonderful stay there, I was satisfied with my day trip across the city and a world away.

The perfect hotel for you Mommy-moon if you live in the Bay Area:

Hotel Vitale

8 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
P: 415.278.3700 | F: 415.278.3730
Reservations: 888.890.8688

Survival Plan for Your Mommy-moon

If this is your first Mommy-moon, then you are going to have to negotiate a deal with daddy (or another caretaker) for your time away. My deal was that for my 24 hours away daddy could get a 24-hour hall pass as well.

Also, set the rules of engagement: Will you call to check in? Are you going to go radio silent? Do you expect daddy or the caretaker to call you? What will you be doing on your Mommy-moon? (staying in a hotel and resting, spending the night at a friend’s place, partying all night long?) When will you be home? And in what state will you be returning? (needing a nap, ready to change those diapers, going back to work).

– Have enough food for your little one: If you breast feed and your baby is younger than 6 months, plan on an ounce every hour that you are away. 24 hours – 24 ounces.

– Pick a location that is near by: Don’t plan a dream trip to Argentina this time. Go somewhere that is MILES not HOURS from home. Your baby just might have an emergency (or you might) and it is important to be physically near by.

– Treat yourself! If you want a massage, then get one, this is your chance to enjoy a few hours of pure luxury. So, don’t scrimp on the hotel, your spa treatments, or dining experiences. When will you be able to get away again, really?

– Breast feeders, BRING YOUR PUMP: Make sure you bring ALL THE PIECES and decide if you are going to save the milk or pump and dump. If saving, then make sure where you’re staying has a refrigerator that you can use to store it. Based on Jones and Tully’s reference guide, Best Practice for Expressing, Storing Human Milk in Hospitals, Homes, and Child Care settings. milk can stay at room temperature for only 4-10 hours. The hotter the temperature, the sooner the milk will go bad. So, don’t chance it.

– If you plan on pumping: Bring enough storage containers. NUK or any other bags made to store milk are better and easier to store in mini bars than bottles. MAKE SURE TO SEAL THEM TIGHTLY and do not use bags that were not made to store human milk. You can store the bags between the beers and wine without removing any pricy products from the frig that you might get charged for. And please don’t forget to take your bags full of milk back home with you.

– Bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable. I made the mistake of wearing super cute, super high, and super painful shoes. The shoes would be fine if I did not give birth 8 weeks ago and was not caring 20 extra pound of baby fat. The truth is our bodies change when we are pregnant and we need to honor that (yes I can say that now) and the last thing you want to be during your Mommy-moon is uncomfortable. Didn’t you already spend 9 months being uncomfortable and around 20 hours in excruciating pain? Enough already!

– Enjoy yourself! Yes, you are going to miss your perfect little bundle of joy, but you’ll be back home soon enough. Take this time to relish your freedom and individuality! LIVE IN THE NOW! Put on some make up, get your hair done or splurge on a new dress. Because my dear, in a few hours you’ll be back to changing diapers, feeding, burping, crying, spit up, and sleepless nights.








pregnancy & labor, a retrospective

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Sorry I have been gone for a while. I gave birth on May 30th at 2:39 am, 5 days after my due date. Every one of those extra days were miserable. My feet were swollen beyond recognition, heartburn was hell, and I could not sleep.

Since I started this blog I have been brutally honest about the way I have felt about being pregnant. Well, I have to admit that the past 30 days have surpassed the last 9 months of pain and drama that  have endured. Yes, I admit, I was not a good pregnant woman, and I was even worse as a laboring lady.

When my water broke, all hell broke loose and it got ugly. And ladies, nobody really ever tells you about this part of your pregnancy, so allow me the honor…..

On Saturday, May 29th. My baby daddy and I went to the Old Sacramento Jazz Festival to get my body moving and enjoy some jazz music. Since I was already past my due date, I was hoping that the simple act of moving would put my body into labor. Kinda, but not exactly. I could barely walk, so my big plans of grooving to the music were short lived. It was more like a beached whale trying to get back into the water than a sexy mama swinging to the sounds of jazz. We enjoyed a brunch of champagne and caviar (go ahead haters give me grief about the champers). I figured that I was going to give birth that day sometime, so it was befitting that the last meal I ate before my daughter was born would be one of my personal favorites. Dream on.

We went to the festival during the day and was home by 2:00 pm. I was exhausted. The day meandered on and I could feel my body swell. At 6:30 pm I was laying on my parents couch when it felt like I wet my pants. Well, I did wet my pants – but it was not pee, it was amniotic fluid. At first I was not sure, so I laid around for another hour, but then those pesky contractions started up. I had contractions for the past 2 weeks, so it was nothing new to me. I thought that if I was going into labor, the contractions would be harder. At 8:00 pm, I finally told my mom that I think that my water broke and we started to get things ready for the hospital. My biggest mistake was asking the baby daddy to get me an ice cream, which took him 2 hours (long story, and I don’t want to relive it). I called the hospital (Kaiser South Sacramento) and let them know that my contractions were starting to get stronger and that I thought that my water broke. They told me to chill and to come to the hospital at around 11:30 pm.

After tracking down baby daddy, we headed to the hospital – everyone’s nerves on end and not the happy expectant time I imagined. I was mad at baby daddy, so was my mom and baby daddy was made at me and my mom for being mad at him. He drove in a separate car (why, I have no idea).

We got to the hospital at midnight and sure enough, my water did break. That meant that I was now a higher risk because infection could threaten the baby. I was checked into my room – that had a laboring tub – which I was super happy about! I got into the tub, feeling positive about being in the tub and managing my contractions. I was in the tub for a few hours, and the pain was fine. It hurt but I was confident that I was doing a great job envisioning my cervix opening and moving through the stages of labor. Well… that was not the case. At 4 am, it felt like I was getting my guts ripped out of my body. The contractions were hitting me at full force and there was no break between the waves. NONE. It was as though they were anger waves crashing on the shore – one right after the other. For the next 3 hours I spent bent over a chair while my mom caught my projectile vomit. Baby daddy was behind me, trying to hold me up. It was the most painful, scary experience I have ever been through. There was nothing joyful about my labor.

At 7 am, the nurse was called in and my cervix was checked. I was only dilated 3 cm. I was crushed. I was sure that I had made it to the final stage of labor and that I would be at 7 or 8 cm by then. After the bad new, I begged for an epidural. Baby daddy was not happy about me getting an epidural. He caused a scene with the midwife and it was so not needed, since we asked for a totally natural non-medicated birth in our birth plan he thought that we should keep on that course – but then he was not the one that had the gut wrenching pain, it was me. The stress level was increasing and everyone was on edge. I just wanted to be out of the pain. I was going crazy and the pain was driving me insane. The epidural was my only option for peace and relief.

It was the best thing I did during my labor. Ladies, don’t try to be a super hero like I did, if there is relief from the pain, take it!

So much for being super woman and laboring without pain medication. Looking back, my Birth Plan was the best piece of fiction I’ve ever written. It was my bullshit manifesto of motherhood – like I know anything about being a mom. HA! I make myself laugh when I read it now. Oh, how my high (and unrealistic) expectations were as real as the tooth fairy.

Fast forward to the wee hours of Monday morning – 2 am to be exact. Finally, my cervix reached 10 cm and I was given the go ahead to PUSH. It had been 31 hours of sleepless hell and pain and all I wanted to do was get her OUT of my body.

Well, I pushed a little bit too hard. I was told to take a rest and get through the contractions without to much stress. Did I listen? Nope. Push is what I wanted to do, and PUSH is what I did for only 20 minutes. I also RIPPED, TORE, STRETCHED, and RUINED my birth canal. Once known by other sexy terms, but now, it is just a tore up mess that required 8 stitched. Yup, I gave myself a cleft vagina. And it does look just like those BEFORE pictures of those kids who need operations. My OBGYN agreed and said that we should host a charity fundraiser for my ruined vagina, since it looks like it needs some substantial repairs. That made me laugh.




My bundle of joy (and poop, and pee, and screams, and sleepless nights, and silly grins, and coos and gurgles) has been on planet earth for 4 weeks. And yes, it has been the hardest, most challenging 4 weeks of my life. I look at her and think, “Who are you and why did you pick me to be your mom?” “You could have chosen William and Kate, or Brad and Angelina! Why me?”I am so grateful that she chose me, but there seem to be so many more better moms out there.


post ranch inn for our pre-natal getaway

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Big Sur: photo by Galen Rowell

The clock is ticking and in just a few days I’ll be a first time mom. Gone will be the moments alone with my sweetheart. Those silent nights draped in warm sheets and slumbering until we wake up in each others arms. So, to celebrate the next phase in our life and to end this decedent era of couple-dom, we decided to take a road trip to Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn.

The view from Post Ranch: photo by Larry Dale Gordon

It was an iconic destination that I wanted to visit for years, but I never made the time to relax under the endless sky overlooking the deep blue ocean. Something always came up. Well, now the “biggest something” in my life was about to arrive and I could not think of a better time to disappear into the wilderness of Post Ranch for a night.

A bobcat at Post Ranch Inn: photo by Kodiak Greenwood

Post Ranch Inn is a magical place with only 40 guests rooms hidden on 100 acres of lush hillsides shrouded in oak trees and giant redwoods. Privacy is of utmost importance at Post Ranch Inn, so you can be assured that your time there will be sacred and silent. The minimum age is 18 years old, so even though you’ll be hearing the cries of a new born soon, you can be assured that the only thing you’ll hear during your stay is the soft ocean breeze through the trees and the trickling of the many waterfalls on the property.


Each room is beautiful expression of rustic elegance donned with luxurious amenities. All rooms have a big, comfy king size bed overlooking a wood-burning fireplace, indoor spa tub, private terrace and massage table. You could spend your whole babymoon in your secret hideaway, without ever stepping out onto the property. But I would not recommend that because the 100-acre property is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

Cliff House: photo by Kodiak Greenwood

A must while you are there is the prenatal massage. It is a gentle 1-hour to 2-hour massage that focuses on your comfort and relaxation. My massage was done in a room heated by a beautiful wood-burning fire that overlooked the mountains in the distance. When it was over, I felt like I was floating above the tall redwoods. It took me a few minutes to come back down to earth.

Dining at Post Ranch Inn is another experience that you don’t want to miss. Their restaurant, Sierra Mar serves world-class cuisine at a breathtaking1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean. They serve a very flexible four-course prix fixe menu that changes daily, depending on what’s in season and what is growing in their garden. Of course, you can always opt for room service.

Sierra Mar Restaurant: photo by Kodiak Greenwood

That night, we watched the sun go down while soaking in our private tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was one of those moments in my life that I will never forget and I was reminded to take that moment with me when I go into labor. I thought that was a brilliant idea. So, between my contractions, I will transport myself back to Post Ranch Inn, overlooking the majestic, peaceful ocean.

The next day, we enjoyed the complimentary continental breakfast at Sierra Mar. It is a beautiful buffet of fresh fruit (my favorites: mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberries), just-baked pastries, homemade granola, omelettes, and teas, coffee, espresso & hot chocolate.

We spent the day lounging by the infinity pool. It was such a treat to feel weightless. I’ve gain a lot of weight and my feet feet an always sore, but for a few hours at Post Ranch Inn, I was pain free, completely content, and blissful.

There is no doubt that I will take my wonderful time at Post Ranch Inn with me when it is time to give birth. Here, I felt connected to something bigger, grander, and stronger than just my daily life. I was connected to mother nature and her incredible power. My I find that strength again when I finally bring my beautiful daughter into this world.



Toll-free: (888) 524-4787 (888-5-BIGSUR)

(831) 667-2200

8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Saturday – Sunday
Holiday hours vary.

a super yummy protein solution

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Since getting knocked up, meat has been completely unappetizing. That caused a few problems, including overloading on carbs, too much weight gain and iron deficiency anemia. Now that I only have a few weeks to go before I give birth, protein is the number one food that I should be eating – but I can’t stand it in its usual forms: eggs, meat or leafy vegetables (which I used to LOVE). I still can whip up some beans, but I’ve eaten so many beans I feel like a super deluxe burrito. Most protein bars are dry and boring, so I was getting frustrated and fatigued.

Then, I tried  Dr. Melina’s Protein Bars. It was love at first bite. I got a few different flavors and my ultimate favorite is the chocolate peanut butter flavor, with lemon raspberry coming in a close second.

What I love about these bars is that they are not too sweet, but sweet enough to give me the satisfaction that I get when I eat a cookie (without the upset tummy afterward). I’ve been averaging about 3 a day, so with only 170 calories and 14 grams of protein, they are better for me than a cookie and the bars are giving me the protein that I need to keep my baby and my brain happy.

The best place to buy the bars on online at or where they are having a $5 discount on a box when you enter the code: HEALTHY

Dr. Melina happens to be a new mom herself. Her son is a year old and she practices what she preaches (On CNN, Regis and Kelly, Dr. Oz to name a few).

She is a practicing MD who has offices in LA and SF.

Here are her addresses:

11650 Riverside Dr., Ste 12
Valley Village 91602



3580 California St, Ste 201
San Francisco, CA 94118
Ph:  415.885.6474



ok, i’ll let you know who i am

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The past few months have been fun! I have been able to let my inner voice out and share my deepest thoughts about this pregnancy without anyone knowing who I am. I guess that has to end now, since I am due in 5 weeks and I have a book signing coming up next week. And if you want to meet me, you can!

Here are the details:

MBT giveaways, wine, appetizers, book signing, and mingling. What could be better? MBT’s premier U.S. retail concept shop at The Core by Footwear Etc., in downtown Palo Alto, is hosting a Tango Diva cocktail party and you’re invited!

5 pairs of MBTs will be given away that night – just bring your business cards and friends. Teresa, founder of Tango Diva and author of FLY SOLO, will be on hand to sign copies of her book; and if you buy a pair of MBTs, you’ll get a signed copy for free!

A portion of proceeds from MBT shoes purchased during the event will go to Education for All Children (EFAC), a New Hampshire–based nonprofit organization that provides secondary-school scholarships for underprivileged children in Kenya. Twenty percent of the children who benefit from EFAC are members of the Masai tribe—the inspiration for the MBT brand.

WHEN: Thursday, April 28th 6 pm – 8 pm
WHERE: The Core, 644 Emerson Street, Palo Alto
WHO: Tango Divas and their friends

To RSVP to this free event email

There, now you know! I hope to meet you next week in Palo Alto! It will be the last time I am out in public before the bebe comes.



a lulu-palooza extravaganza

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The thought of walking into a beautifully lit Lululemon store filled with happy, thin, athletic salesgirls at 32-weeks pregnant was not something I was looking forward to. But, I needed some decent workout clothes that were not hand-me-downs from my past-pregnant friends. My confidence level for finding clothes that fit my UmpaLumpa-esque body was next to nil. But I figured that I’d give it a college try. What could be the worst thing that could happen to me? I could leave humiliated and empty-handed…. But I was hoping for the best, and the best did prevail.

When I had a thin body, I was a devoted fan of Lululemon. They’ve masterfully created a thoughtful, useful line of yoga and athletic wear that is worth every penny they charge. But, as a mom-to-be, I  wasn’t sure if I would find anything that didn’t turn me into a walking sausage. After all, I might be big, but I still have my pride.

The first few outfits I tried on didn’t work, and there was a moment that I was loosing hope. But the great thing about Lululemon is that those chirpy salesgirls know their clothing. I finally got into a orange Get Focused Tank that fit like a glove while giving me plenty of room for my baby bump. It has a super-support mesh shelf bra that comes with removable cup (good for when I start leaking milk in a few weeks).

Relaxed Fit Pant and Get Focused Tank

Relaxed Fit Pant and Get Focused Tank

The best fitting pants for my big butt and belly were the Relaxed Fit Pant. I could breath, move and stretch in these and that made me happy. What is cool about these pants is that you can wear the waistband as is for a higher rise, or roll them down for a lower rise. Those smarty pants at Lululemon created the waistband so you can pull the drawstring through to the backside, so it doesn’t show. Something very important when your innie is turning into an outie.

Pure Balance Tank

Pure Balance Tank

The next winning top was the Pure Balance Tank.  At first I was a bit skeptical because it looked way too low cut for my very very large breasts. But when I put it on, it was like magic. Everything was nicely tucked away – including me belly. The support was surprising for such a sexy number.

I told the thin, smiling salesgirl that I traveled a lot for my job and I really would love to find something that I could wrap myself in during long, chilly flights. So, she brought out the Savasana Wrap. This is THE piece for all mothers who plan on breast feeding. It can snap a few different ways and you can easily cover your baby during feeding. It is made out of 100% cozy cotton, which feels great on the skin and is machine washable. Which will need to get washed, thanks to all those lactating accidents that occur. In my humble opinion, this is a MUST for mommies.

Savana Wrap

Savasana Wrap

I’m a big fan of layering, so I tried on the Cool Racerback with the 50 Rep Bra. What I loved about this combination was the mega-support I got from the two different layers. Oh, and the bra is prefect for those ladies who want some support during labor. It does not cut into your skin like a real bra. The racer back gives your shoulders a break from those big boobs you’re carrying around. And it has that wonderful mesh bra construction that Lululemon is known for (yes, the cups are removable).

Cool Racerback and 50 Rep Bra

Cool Racerback and 50 Rep Bra

Happy with my finds, I was getting ready to leave when I spotted the Live Healthy Wrap and Live Healthy Wrap.

Live Healthy Wrap

Live Healthy Wrap

The wrap can be worn with yoga pants or jeans and I loved that. It has a nice long front, so I can breast feed with a bit of privacy while still being stylish. Yep, how my life has changed. As for the bum bag, it holds everything (expect the baby) and comes with a few secret compartments where you can keep your phone, keys and cash.

I left the store feeling complete. OK, that’s a lie.

I left happy with a few new outfits that I can were pre-birth and post-birth. Now I’ve got pieces that I can mix and match with my street clothes and still wear to my prenatal yoga classes.

You can buy all these pieces online, but I recommend going into a store and getting help from one of those super-happy salesgirls. They really know their stuff.




foot relief at last

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My closet used to consist of two things: Really expensive clothes and really expensive shoes.

Now, that I am 30 weeks pregnant, paying for all my prenatal visits in cash, and looking like an umpa lumpa all I have in my closet is crappy dresses from Ross Dress For Less’ fat chicks section and 1 pair of shoes.

But those shoes have saved my feet and my sanity. (Why don’t mothers tell soon-to-be-pregnant ladies the truth about pregnancy??)”Oh, by the way, your feet are going to hurt like hell, and that $15,000 you invested in shoe is all going down the toilet once you get pregnant because your feet are going to get big and fat and flat and painful.

Anyway, I am super excited to be a mommy, but I did not know the truth about pregnancy. So, back to my soul-saving shoes…..

These shoes – MBT a.k.a. Manolo Bhlanik Trade-ins are incredible. Actually the real name is Masai Barefoot Technology and they cost just as much as a good stiletto: around $275 and worth every single penny.

Now, my feet have space to move back and forth with their incredibly soft souls, I can rock my weight back and forth to alleviate the pain that I get from wearing ordinary shoes that put pressure on just one part of my painful souls. These shoes make me walk with thought because of the way the bottoms are designed to roll with each step and my feet don’t hurt as much anymore. OK, they still hurt, but not as much.

MBTs are not the prettiest shoes in town, in fact they are down right ugly. But I don’t care. They are the only thing on my feet (besides my reflexologist) that make my feet feel good.

Now I have hope – only 10 weeks to go before my beautiful baby girl enters my crazy-ass insane world (God bless her).

Until then, I’ll keep trucking in my MBTs.

My legs don't look that good right now

a planner for you not-so-organized mamas

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I admit, I have not been taking this whole birth thing very seriously. Hell, I just registered because one of my friends forced me and then another friend took me “shopping.” I say “shopping” because to me “shopping is going to Bloomingdale’s and buying myself a new outfit. “Shopping” for baby changing tables and burp clothes is not shopping. OK, back to the point….

I got a cool little planner and for you ladies who are super organized, you are going to love it. It’s called  Family Facts Pregnancy Organizer & Planner

Pam Schiller Socolow, is the brain child behind this cool little planner. She has been developing organizational systems for companies and individuals for the past 22 years. In 1998, while juggling work and family life with two young children, she realized she needed a better organizational system at home and started developing the Family Life Organizer & Planner.

Because the planner does not have any dates printed in it, it starts when you’re ready and helps you remember everything you need to know. And we all know about pregnancy brain! With space for recording numerous contacts, important health details, and key baby planning information, this planner eliminates the need to carry around both a daily agenda and a pregnancy planner. The planner has been written to accommodate both first-time moms and women who already have children, making it the ultimate chaos-tamer.

I like that the planner has a clear plastic cover with a clip, so you can put your receipts and itty bitty pieces of paper that tend to get lost during hospital visits and shopping. It’s not that big, so it’s not totally overwhelming (like my belly). What’s cool is that it is pretty cute and it will be a great part of your pregnancy story. You can keep track of all your appointments, your family members, friends, and others who should be called when you go into labor, along with a whole baby planning section. You can jot down favorite baby names, other health providers (can you say massage!), maternity shops, etc. It’s a great place to keep all the information you need while preggers.

In 2009, the Family Facts Pregnancy Planner was voted a must-have by Pregnancy Magazine.

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